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Offers green and sustainable branding to our esteemed customers


Employee-oriented solutions to enhance work productivity in reducing turn-around time


Products made from regional sustainable and renewable raw material


Economical and safer alternatives, with our customers in mind

Cost saving

Why choose us?

Ecoappls   is a Singapore manufacturer that produces proprietary products, which are naturally derived from sustainable and renewable material from fruits and vegetables.

Our range of products is certified by International bodies, such as TUEV-SUED and the DHI Singapore Environmental Laboratory.


Ecoappls   offers customers a cost-efficient and long term solution to provide safe, natural and clean indoor air for our esteemed users.



Advantages and benefits

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Free of any Harmful Chemical

  • Made from sustainable resources

  • The solutions are concocted to the user needs

  • Works directly on the source rather than as a masking agent

  • Inhibit microorganism growth

  • Remove offensive smells such as cigarette smoke and musty odor

  • Non-alcohol formulation

How PhytoGreen  works?


Encapsulating and binding airborne malodor and surface molecules for odor control and elimination, through using a fruit-derived solution to bio-digest the organic compounds that cause odors, breaking them down to benign, odorless compounds.

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